Obey Your Circadian Clock

A recent article in JAMA highlights the importance of sticking to our natural circadian rhythm. The article, "Resetting the Circadian Clock Might Boost Metabolic Health", explains how ignoring out internal clocks can contribute to metabolic problems like obesity and diabetes. Researchers are exploring how improved sleep and time restricted eating can help reset the clock and restore normal metabolism.

"Decades of epidemiologic studies show workers with overnight shifts or other schedules out of sync with the light-dark cycle have an increased risk of weight gain and diabetes," says Eve Van Cauter, PhD, a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago. She goes on to explain that sleep restriction increases hunger, but getting back to a normal sleep schedule can help reverse the effects. “The work so far suggests that being sleep deprived and losing weight are contradictory,” she said. “To optimize weight loss, you need to sleep.”