Book Release: Unconventional Medicine

"The wise physician treats disease before it occurs" according to an ancient medical text Huangdi Neijing (and an excerpt from Unconventional Medicine)

Today is the release of Functional Medicine provider Chris Kresser's book:  Unconventional Medicine. Chris, an acupuncturist who is also trained in integrative medicine, has learned from his own health scare and many of his patients about how the modern healthcare system is failing those with chronic disease.

Our current healthcare system is not designed to help prevent and treat chronic disease, which is the biggest health challenge we face. It doesn't often support interventions that can have a huge impact on health; it doesn't examine the root cause of many medical problems. Instead, most doctors spend 10-12 minutes per patient and treat with pharmaceuticals to reduce symptoms but do very little to heal. Instead, we need more providers identifying the source of health problems, recommending lifestyle change, and perhaps most importantly providing support for behavior change. We need integrative and functional healthcare teams to care for individuals and help people heal.

This book is for people interested in healthcare and advocacy as well as for patients and practitioners who are frustrated about our current system and want to see a more hopeful, functional and integrative model of healthcare laid out.