Gotta Get Your K!

Vitamin K was long thought of as the "blood clotting vitamin". It is an essential part of the matrix that stops blood flow at a wound (unless it's bad enough to need stitches!). These days we are learning more about this under appreciated nutrient. A recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition concludes that vitamin K is necessary in the proper development of the heart's chambers. The data collected on adolescents suggest that "cardiac structure and function variables are most favorable" with higher vitamin K intakes.

Vitamin K comes in different forms:  K1 is primarily found in plant foods, most abundantly in leafy greens and K2 (which includes MK-4, MK-7, MK-10) is found in animal foods and fermented plant foods. Learn more from the following infographic and don't forget to get some K!  Chris Masterjohn's Ultimate Vitamin K Resource