Adventures in Dining

Eating out with food allergies or intolerances can be tricky. My best advice is to:

1) look at a menu online ahead of time to see if there are safe choices

2) call the restaurant, politely explain the situation, and ask if they are able to help you eat safely

3) talk to the host/hostess, server, and manager or chef if possible about your food requirements

4) explain your needs (again) at the time of ordering in a friendly and appreciative way

5) confirm when your food arrives that it is free of _______

6) and, if possible, check with a high tech device such as the Nima Sensor.


Restauration on 4th St, Long Beach

We've been enjoying the farm fresh food at Restauration for years now. From my experience, the staff is knowledgeable about celiac, gluten-free eating, and other food sensitivities. I recently tested my breakfast with the Nima Sensor and it tested safe.


Ruby's on 2nd & PCH, Long Beach

Ruby's is my son's favorite restaurant, so eating there happens a few times a year. I recently tested my Greek Salad with chicken added with the Nima Sensor and it tested safe. Heads up though:  the only gluten-free salad dressings they have are Thousand Island and (mystery) oil with red wine vinegar. I brought my own dressing this time.


Venus on Shattuck, Berkeley

I was thrilled to see a gluten-free breakfast special on the menu while traveling, so I went for it!